Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun at the Picnik

I have tried to figure out Photoshop time and time again.  One I don't have time, two I don't have the patience.  I was reading about Picnik on a blog a while ago and gave it a try.  I loved the results of the editing and the ease of use.  They offer the customer  many different tools and effects.  The website is  user friendly and such a great price.  You can upload 5 photos at a time, have many of the features for free.  Or for around $25.00 /year you can upload 100 photos at a time, and receive premium features. 
When we went on our hike last week I was able to snap some photos of the kiddos.  I thought it would be
fun to hop back on Picnik and get creative.  Now I have to order prints. 

Silly guy and Little man -black and white

Silly guy-black and white

Sweet girl- black and white w/ the vingnette feature

Little man- 1960's feature w/ vignette
My 3 kiddos-auto adjust
Little man- auto adjust, vignette
Sweet girl-I think Orton-ish

Silly guy-cinemascope

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