Monday, May 10, 2010

Hickam Wetland Hike

Last Thursday afternoon the kids and I decided to take a hike.   We had never been on the Hickam Wetland Hike (located on the Air Force Base).  We thought it would be fun and maybe we would see something new.  It was a short hike but perfect for a weekday afternoon. 
Here are some pictures of our findings.

One of the trails along the hike led us down to the ocean front.  This was a short stretch of beach filled with these holes.  They are the home of the ghost crab.  This guy has to be pretty big. 

The kids were excited when they found tracks along the hike.  They found two different sets which were on different trails along the way.  When we got home we researched on the internet to try to figure out what kind of animal left these tracks(mongoose, dog, cat, ???).  We couldn't find anything so I told the kids when we make our next library trip we'll see if we can find a book about tracks. 
A couple of plant species along the trail. 


As we returned to the picnic area we found this wild animal.  He was a friendly little critter who was very proud of his antlers. He was too cute! I just had to take him home:)

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