Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hiking the Judd Trail

Today we packed everyone up in the van and went seeking the Judd Trail. 
We went up this winding road which was breath taking.

We got out of the car and walked down to a trail.  We weren't sure which way to go but the trail followed along this stream.  We walked down and there was a small waterfall.  Little man just loves waterfalls. 

After enjoying the waterfall we continued down the trail.  It wasn't marked so we walked on and came to a dead end.  Where we just hung out for a while and played in the stream.

Then we back tracked and spotted the trail across the stream. 

We were so excited to find the trail sign.  The trail ends at a pool where I read is a great picnic spot. 

With three choices we choose this way...

My husband giving me a smile:)

We walked up the path for a ways and Little man was beginning to tire.  He decided this tree looked like a good place to rest.

Then we reached this forest where there was a wonderful cool breeze.  Singing birds surrounded us.  It was so peaceful.  The kids wanted to pitch a tent right there and stay.  At this point Little man was pretty tired so we decided this forest would be our picnic spot. 
Although we didn't make it to the pool it was enjoyable for the whole family.  We hope to do this hike again before we leave Hawaii.

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Kristi said...

Beautiful! Great pics too! Can't wait to talk to you to get directions...both on camera-ese and Judd Trail!!!!


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