Monday, May 3, 2010

Making Paper

In Bible, Silly guy has been learning about the geography and men of the Old Testament. This past week he was learning about Moses and how he crossed Israel's children through the Red Sea. Also learning that Papyrus is a reed that grows in Egypt and was used to make paper. 
So, we thought it would be fun to make our own paper.  We used the eco-friendly version making recycled paper.  It is really a very simple process if you are only making one sheet. 
Step One:  Shred newspaper into tiny pieces
Step Two:  Add warm water to the bucket covering the paper completely.
Let the paper soak over night in the warm water.  Meanwhile if you don't have a screen available this is how we made one.  I purchased some screen from the hardware store.  I found it was cheaper to buy by the foot(for a project like this). We took an old picture frame, pulled the screen tightly around the frame and nailed in some staples.  If you have a staple gun that would work better. 
And you have a screen.
Step Three and Four pictures are mixed up: 
Step Three: you strain the old water and add new warm water.
Step Four:  Take a mixer and mix the paper/water mixture.
Step Five:  Add mix into a blender and pulse until it forms a mush.

Step Six:  I would suggest going outside.  Pour a layer of the mush onto the screen, making sure you lay a towel underneath to absorb the liquid.  Spread evenly.  Silly guy found this to be gross.
Step Seven:  Take a board(we used a cutting boad) and press firmly on top of the mush to press out all remaining liquid.
Step Eight:  Flip the screen over on a dry cotton cloth for the paper to dry.

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Kristi said...

Love it! Bet the kids had a ball. You're such a great homeschool mommy.


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