Monday, May 10, 2010

The Letter "B"

There is so many fun things to do with the letter "B".  It was enjoyable for me and my Little Man. 
  • Playing with bubbles-which is always a favorite 
  •  playing catch with balloons
  • crawling like a baby race
  • playing  London Bridge 
  • Sing Two Little Blackbirds. For this song we made puppets. He wanted to sing it over and over again.  Even though the two puppets were identical he wanted to keep switching puppets so he could be both Peter and Paul-to funny.  
  • Building with Blocks
  • Look at baby pictures
Some more fun learning about the letter "B":

Little man sorted beans by color and size.  
He made his very own shape book. 

He made this butterfly magnet from a coffee filter, clothes pin, and pom poms.   
I made him a felt board.  He played a game of matching the bug to the flower.  I pre made the shapes with my cricut cutting machine and glued a piece of sandpaper to the back so it would stick onto the felt board. 
Making brownies!  Yum!!
Some books we enjoyed:

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